Our customers are entitled to return or exchange their purchased item within 14 days after delivery as shown in the tracking number of the order. If you want to return or exchange your Igemon watch, please click on the following link and submit the form

It is essential you specify your name, order number and provide clear photos of the purchased item.

Once we have assessed the product and no issue arises(it is in mint condition), then you will receive a refund or you can exchange it with another model of equal or lower value.

In case of lower value, we will return the remaining amount or charge you with the extra cost if the value is higher than the initial purchase.

You are exempt from paying shipping costs if the returned item is in perfect condition, including all components and accessories.

In case the product, after assessment, has been found lacking in parts or is damaged in any way, we will have to send it back to you without returning shipping costs.