A history of inspiration

Our country, Greece is known as the cradle and birthplace of European civilisation and thought. Many of the things you see in your everyday life has some kind of correlation to Greece.

We wanted to pay homage to our country's history and overall effect on the current known world. With that in mind and our established passion for watches, Igemon was born with one sole purpose. To preserve and spread the heritage of our country.

An unexpected beginning

In a quiet room in Athens Greece was were our founders first conceptualised the marriage of style and history. 

It was then when George was browsing the watch market on his laptop that he realised that all watches were same. There was no originality between his options. He thought "Only the logo's are different".

That was the first spark which lit the fire that became Igemon. 

Finding our uniqueness

We wanted our watch to mean something different. We truly believed that a watch is not just an accessory. It is the embodiment of the artisan's feelings and vision.

If we didn't believe in our design, we wouldn't be proud of it. If we weren't proud of it, you wouldn't be reading these lines. 

That's when the idea of the Ancient numerals came up. We couldn't think of a better homage to our roots and history than being able to stylishly wear it on our wrists.

Our past lights the way to our future

Looking back at our own history, we cannot help ourselves but smile as our vision reached out and inspired you to support us. 

This piece of Igemon history, will forever be regarded as a beacon of humbleness and dedication. 

Using the past as our guide, we look forward to the future with a clear look on our face as we continue this journey.